Tarot Dances was born from an interest in female archetype, as seen in Tarot cards as the Fool (maiden,) The High Priestess (the wild woman,) The Empress (the mother,) and the World (The Crone/The Wise Woman.)  This cut of the project premiered in March, 2017 at the Gallatin Fashion Show (NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study.) 


Produced and Edited by Em Watson

 Directed and Filmed by Em Watson and Daniel Yankiver

Dancers in order of appearance:
Em Watson
Becks Gilhooley
Julia Discenza
Alice Lambert

Makeup and Hair:
Alice Hindanhov
Sophia Merlino
Kiki Murphy

Clothing designed and created by Em Watson in collaboration with the women in her family.

Thanks to NYU Gallatin and the Gallatin Fashion show.

Special Thanks also to Saanya Ali and Cucina Di Pesce.