a film by Em Watson 


Only Place is a Narrative Dance Film about Sami, a young woman from New York with PTSD from a car crash she survived as a teenager. She returns to her home town of Sag Harbor years after the car accident while on vacation with her girlfriend, and is overwhelmed by memories and bodily experiences of the traumatic event.

The film explores the ways that trauma manifests within a body, and how it manifests within relationship.

Coming 2019. // Premiere not yet scheduled.


Length: 19.5 Minutes

Genre: Short Narrative Dance Film

Written and Directed by Em Watson

Produced by Em Watson

Director of Movement and Choreography: Hannah Cullen

Assistant Director: Holly Sass

Cinematographer: Cici Sutter

Sound Design and Production: Pat Zimmon

Composer: Hannah Cullen

Assistant Camera: Sarah Gold

Production Design: Josh Blankfield

Line Producer: April Chang

Editors: Holly Sass and Em Watson

Featuring Em Watson as Sami and Hannah Cullen and Lydia.